Bruno Baltimus

The decadent son of Byron Baltimus


Baltimus is the most advanced city in the Free Towns with the only port deep enough to accommodate a Man of War right at the pier. It is home to the British East India Company and its two most colorful members, Bruno Baltimus and Edward Lazenby. These two throw grand galas every weekend, and young women and aspiring nobles compete violently for invitations.

Byron (his father) himself passed on, some say from grief at having abandoned the king, leaving his eldest son Bruno his seat on the council. Bruno has none of the regrets of his father. He is a larger than life rake, known for his skill in hunting and fishing as well as his extravagant balls—that turn into all-night drunken revelry with Bruno’s inner circle. Getting invited to this event is considered a great honor, though some are tainted by the incredible debauchery forever.

Masaquani children take the last name of their mothers. In this case, Bruno’s mother was indeed blood-related to her husband—a second cousin, to be exact. Some believe Bruno’s parents’ “indiscretion” is at least in part responsible for his “eccentricities.”

Update: Died via drug overdose in the Savage Tale – Debauchery (Aneiela Asa)

Bruno Baltimus

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