Captain Crabs

The PCs may have turned the Scurrilians to the better


Captain Crabs – yes a Scurrilian. Of any of the captains, Crab is the most calculating and numbers driven. He was recently forced to join the fleet, but already he rivals Captain Shih for L’Ollonaise’s ear due to his calculating advice. When not part of the bigger raids, his raids have an incredibly high success rate due to the planning and analytics that is performed. The rest of the crew is the usual mix of people, and in general were just merchant sailors until Crabs took over in a mutiny. Of any of the crews, this one has made it a point to know who is who (best to understand the political winds). But they are also the one crew that is the most open to discussion.

During the events of The Prince, our heroes convince the XO (another Scurillian) that their might be a way out from under Francis L’Ollonaise fleet.

Captain Crabs

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