James Low

An Earther that recently came across


The Roadhouse came across James not long after him crossing over from Earth.

“I never thought I’d see another ship,” he says weakly, shaking you by the hand. “My name is
James Low, an Englishmen by birth and former mate on the merchantman Trinidad. Pirates attacked her a week ago. Most of the crew died, but a few of us were taken prisoner.

“More out of fear than bravery I insulted their captain, calling him names not fit to repeat in
polite company. Rather than kill me, he set me adrift in the ship’s dinghy. More by luck than
judgment, I was carrying a flask of water about my person and the fools never searched me.
“I was given two pistols, both empty. I guess the captain thought I’d take the easy option if he
gave me a loaded gun and having them present but useless would drive me mad. Your finding
me was a miracle."

James Low

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