Ship - Zephyr



These small vessels are used mostly by rich travellers or messengers. They cannot carry much cargo, but are quick and agile, making them ideal for evading pirates or officials. Smugglers and those transporting small but valuable cargoes often use skiffs.

Acc/TS: 4/8, Toughness: 13(2), Crew: 1+7,
Travel Speed: 2, Cargo Space: 3, Handling: +1, Guns: 2, Masts: 1
Cost: $10,000
Notes: Heavy Armor


Cannon, 8 pdr.

  • 50/100/200 3d6+1 AP 4; Heavy Weapon
  • Canister/Grape Shot 24” path 2d6
  • Chain Shot 40/80/160 2d6 1 — —

Cannon Ammunition
Besides round shot, cannons of Caribdus can also fire the ammunition listed below:

Cannister Shot (or grape shot) is composed of dozens of small shot-size rounds. These cannon rounds are used to sweep the decks of exposed crew. See Cannons and Cannister in Savage Worlds for rules.

When using the Chase Rules, this type of ammunition can only be used at Short Range or closer. Instead of using the template, it affects up to 2d6 crew members who make an opposed Agility roll against the
Shooting result to determine if they were missed, hit, or hit with a raise.

Chain Shot is used to disable a ship’s sails. If chain shot hits with a raise, it tears sails and
rigging, automatically reducing the ship’s Top Speed by 1”.

Fire Shot are regular cannon balls heated until they glow and fired at a ship. They cause
–4 damage as the metal is softer, but have a high chance of starting a fire (5–6 on a 1d6 per hit).


Our Protagonist’s First Ship. Now part of their shipping empire.

Ship’s Crew

Ship - Zephyr

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