Amemnus’ Sword

weapon (melee)

It adds +2 to a hero’s Fighting rolls and ignores the Size bonus of large creatures when figuring damage (subtract their Size from their total Toughness).


The prince of Ograpog, Alain Amemnus, is in this prison under L’Ollonaise’s power. L’Ollonaise has kept his identity secret from his men so that he can quietly collect his ransom all to himself later on.

Unfortunately, Alain is a sad shadow of his father. He was given the king’s sword by a loyal guardsman after Amemnus’ death and carried it with him for some time as the only proof of his former station. The moment of truth came when he was captured by L’Ollonaise. Sadly, the prince handed his father’s blade over without a fight.

L’Ollonaise wanted the sword for himself, but his men spotted Blackbeard’s ship, the Destroyer, heading toward Tulago. The French buccaneer decided that discretion was the wiser course and sent a boat full of prisoners to offer Blackbeard
the weapon as tribute. Blackbeard killed the messengers but did indeed sail away.

This longsword’s gleaming blade and golden hilt shines brightly even in Blackbeard’s dirty hands.

Amemnus’ Sword

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