Sea Hags

3 Evil Witches that is Said nearly drown the world


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Update from adventuring: Truenames: Mala, Maka, and Mana.

The natives say a trio of witches, triplets with raven-black hair and eyes to match, were discovered working dark sorcery in the masaquani city-state of Ograpog. The three were tried, sentenced by King Amemnus himself, and bound to posts at the edge of Ograpog’s cliffs to drown with the rising tide. With their dying breaths, the sisters cursed Amemnus and his beloved kingdom. As the tide rose, it began to rain. It was a mere drizzle at first, but by the time the waves finally crashed down on the witches’ heads it had become a tempest unlike any Caribdus had ever seen.

The rain continued for months, covering the site of the witches’ execution in 50 fathoms of water. Whispers began that the rain would not stop until King Amemnus was dead. The people of Ograpog turned on their liege and chased him to a great ledge overlooking the ocean. The king and his most loyal guards fought over the drowned ruins of their city, killing scores of their own citizens before finally being dragged screaming off the ledge—into the sea.

The Sea Hags Rise

While Caribdus was drowning, the witches’ corpses floated in the depths, too foul even for the fish. As King Amemnus’ life ebbed in that same sea, the sisters’ death curse came true. Their horrid bodies filled with unlife and returned to the world as something far more powerful—the Sea Hags.

The Devil’s Cross

That was thirteen years ago. Now the Sea Hags lair in the middle of the Devil’s Cross, a region of constant storms bordered on four points by inhospitable rocks that have dashed many a ship to splinters. From this damned region come their minions—bloodthirsty pirates, horrors from the depths, and ghost ships filled with damned crews. No living being is safe as long as the Sea Hags and their minions prowl the Thousand Isles. A vague prophecy says a stranger will one day defeat them, but as yet, few have even tried.

The Flotsam Sea

The epicenter of the witch’s curse has created a massive hole into which the waters of Caribdus swirl. For 60 leagues all around the Devil’s Cross the ocean is a slow, sinking whirlpool full of debris from the death of a world. Goods, corpses, shipwrecks, and the flora of millions of acres float upon this Flotsam Sea, miring ships that try to ply it in its soggy embrace. The Flotsam Sea has become the hunting ground of many foul creatures. A race of previously unknown ocotopoids dwell in the muck, as do hordes of drowned sailors who have risen from the depths as loathsome undead. Still, good crews can escape this dread place. A few ships from Earth manage it every month.

Sea Hags

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