Ship - Neptune's Storm

Upgraded to this ship just before dealing with Tressa and Blackbeard


Galleons ruled the waves for nearly three centuries on Earth. They mount one or two banks of cannons and have large castles mounted fore and aft so that their defenders can fire on enemy crews.

Acc/TS: 2/12, Toughness: 20(4), Crew: 30+40,
Travel Speed: 3, Cargo Space: 8, Handling: –3, Guns: 16, Masts: 3
Cost: $125,000
Notes: Heavy Armor

  • Guns*
  • 16 – 8lb Cannons (3d6+1 AP 4, HW)


  • A grumpy Mast (undetermined)
  • Shark Sails – Made from the hide of the great ugak Walking God, Jinka-Tahn, these slick gray sails increase the Travel Speed of any vessel mounting them by one.
  • Figurehead? +1 Handling?

Ship’s Crew

  • Equias
  • Sailors
  • Marines
  • Gunners

Ship - Neptune's Storm

50 Fathoms amerigoV amerigoV