Smooth blue to gray dolphin-like skin and the fierce spirit of a hunter are the hallmarks of this semi-aquatic people. Doreen don’t have gills but spend a great deal of time in water. They are “breath hold” divers and can stay underwater for well over half an hour before needing to breach for fresh air.

Doreen are hunters and nomads, following fertile fishing grounds and herds of giant seabeasts. They typically erect temporary homes on nearby islands, then abandon them when food becomes scarce. They move frequently and must swim great distances to their new locations, so most own no more than they can easily carry on their bodies—including a sharp knife.

The Sea Hags’ flood forced the beach-dwelling doreen into the water. Thousands of the “gray folk” gathered at their ancestral home when the waters rose. They were eventually forced to leave their drowned island, but these natural swimmers had few boats. They swam for leagues in a great herd while trying their best to keep the weak afloat and protect them from ravenous predators. This is called “The Long Swim.” Miraculously, over a thousand made it east to the home of the kehana.
There was no love lost between these two races—the savage fish-men hunted doreen whenever they caught one isolated and alone. But the kehana were the tribe’s only hope. The tired gray-folk threw themselves on the mercy of the fish-men—and were slaughtered by the hundreds. The survivors fled south, tired and chased by the relentless and bloodthirsty kehana. Less than 300 made it to the newly-formed island of Sprith. These days, most doreen prefer to live as hermits, hunting alone until they meet their inevitable fate. Some doreen try to find company, though even these lost souls are quiet shadows, alone even when surrounded by loyal companions.

Ship captains welcome these hunters as guides or as aquatic scouts. Their unfettered life style makes them easy travelers, and their ability to quickly leap into the depths to unfoul anchors or fight off waterborne foes makes them a valuable addition to any crew.

Names: Doreen are a sad race, for very few of them are left. Most have forgotten their tribal names, which were once short simple words that can be distinguished underwater such as Fayd, Klays, Trix, or Bak. Sadly, there is rarely any reason to distinguish among multiple doreen these days.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

  • Coup: Ranged weapons have little use underwater, so doreen rely on cunning and stealth to get close to their prey instead. They take great pride in getting as close as possible before making a kill. Every time a doreen kills a foe with a Strength and Toughness at least as high as his own (including armor or other enhancements) with nothing larger than a knife, he gains a Benny.
  • Racial Enemy: Doreen hate kehana and suffer a –4 Charisma penalty when dealing with them.
  • Sea Hunter: Doreen are consummate hunters and know a great deal about the seas they swim. They add +2 to any Stealth or Survival roll made while underwater.
  • Semi-Aquatic: Doreen are native to both water and land, and so start with a d6 in Swimming. They use their entire bodies to effortlessly glide through the water, moving their full skill level while swimming (–2” for every multiple of a doreen’s Load Limit carried). Doreen are “breath hold” divers and can stay underwater for long periods of time on just one breath of air. A doreen gains a Fatigue level after every 15 minutes he holds his breath. On reaching Incapacitation, the swimmer makes an immediate Vigor roll (and another each minute thereafter) to stay conscious. If the roll is failed the diver has drowned. Once above water, he recovers one level of Fatigue every five minutes.

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