Grael are gray-skinned humanoids with immense layers of fat, beady black eyes, and short, dull tusks. Their obese appearance belies their muscles, which grow quite large beneath the burden of their naturally blubbery skin. Visitors sometimes call them sea-lions, a name the grael take pride in once they learn just what a “lion” is. Grael live in prides composed of their immediate families. Most dwell in crude stone huts on the far northern island of Arfk, but many are recruited by pirates and the like for their brawn and so set sail for promises of booty and violence.


Names: The grael are unique in that they name themselves. When a baby grael first emerges from its mother, it clears its throat of embryonic fluid with a loud grunt. That grunt becomes its name, giving the grael such names as Rark, Flunk, Hok, and so on. It doesn’t seem to matter much to the grael that many of their people share similar names.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

  • All Thumbs: Grael prefer simple and durable tools designed to club, smash, or gash their foes. They aren’t mentally equipped to handle advanced weapons such as crossbows, muskets, or cannons. They suffer a –2 penalty when using any sort of mechanical device.
  • Blubber: Grael have 1 point of natural armor due to their blubbery skin, and add +4 to Fatigue rolls made to resist cold. They subtract 2 from Fatigue rolls made in extreme heat.
  • Dumb: Grael aren’t deep thinkers. It costs 2 points to raise their Smarts during character creation, and they must dedicate two advances to raise their Smarts afterwards.
  • Semi-Aquatic: Grael begin play with a free d6 in Swimming. They do not move any faster in water than most, but like doreen, they are “breath hold” divers and can stay underwater for long periods of time on just one breath of air. A grael gains a Fatigue level after every 15 minutes he holds his breath. On reaching Incapacitation, the swimmer makes an immediate Vigor roll (and another each minute thereafter) to stay conscious. If the roll is failed the diver has drowned. Once above water, he recovers one level of Fatigue every five minutes.
  • Size +1: Grael average 5’ tall and weigh over 300 pounds, giving them +1 to their Toughness. This is in addition to the +1 Toughness bonus granted due to their blubbery hide. Their Size makes it impossible for them to use most goods that aren’t specifically made for them (such as armor).
  • Slow: Grael have a base Pace of 4 on dry land.
  • Strong: Grael begin play with a d8 Strength instead of a d4. They may purchase their Strength up to a d12+2. The Professional and Expert Edges can increase this to d12+4.

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