The dominant species of Caribdus before the flood were the Masaquani (mass-a-kwan-ee). They are near-human in appearance, but with far more exotic and varied skin and hair colors (deep blue to bright pink). They also seem to have more variance. Fat masaquani can easily exceed 400 pounds, tall individuals can reach seven feet, and short masaquani look almost like dwarves of human legend. Masaquani cities were the largest and most like Earth’s in the dark ages, but without a feudal tradition or knights and armor. Elemental magic replaced the development of science in many realms, though a few forward-thinking rulers, such as those of Ograpog, emphasized both in their nations’ universities.

Before the flood, there were two great masaquani empires and a number of lesser states. By far the most enlightened was that of Ograpog. All races were welcome there, and the laws were established to treat all individuals equally. In practice, aggressive species such as kehana and half-ugaks suffered some discrimination, but the rules of Ograpog were at least set up to discourage such things. The Kieran Empire was—and is—quite different. Other races are not welcome there, and the slightest offense could land a stray grael, ugak, kehana, or scurillian in irons . Kraken are revered there, not because of any inherent acceptance of their race but because of the immense power kraken mages can wield. Like all races of the Thousand Isles, Masaquani did not have gunpowder prior to the arrival of the visitors, but they have adapted to its use very quickly.

Masaquani City-States

Two large masaquani nations existed before the flood—Ograpog and Kiera. Ograpog was the name of both the island and the city-state that ruled over it. The Kieran Empire’s borders are now deep underwater, but what remains are two large islands and several smaller ones. The people of Ograpog and Kiera have engaged in many wars in their past, so grudges remain and fights between former soldiers, sailors, and even common citizens are frequent in the bars and taverns of Caribdus. Several independent masaquani confederations existed prior to the flood, but their people had little sense of common identity. Masaquani consider themselves from Ograpog, Kiera, or “somewhere else.”

Names: Masaquani first and last names always start with the same first letter, such as San Salls, Daris Drak, and so on. Children are given the last name of their mothers.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

  • Iconic: Most masaquani are iconic—a tall, thin individual is very agile while a short, squat fellow is very strong or very tough. Masaquani characters have an extra point in any one attribute of their choice. Their character’s body type and personality should reflect this enhancement. A very strong, very intelligent character, for example, might be solidly built with piercing, deep-set eyes (and take the extra attribute point in Smarts). A dumb but spirited hero has a vacant stare but is always happy and upbeat (and puts the extra point into Spirit).

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